Alpha Generation age range

According to research and media, Alpha Generation years are between 2010 and 2025. Therefore, the Gen Alpha age range in 2023 is between 13 years and newborns. Consequently, it’s the generation after gen z and comprises children of the millennials and the younger brothers and sisters of Z gens.

Despite knowing the Gen Alpha years, few people know about the rate at which this cohort is growing. Many believe that a large number of its members will see the 22nd century.

Gen Alpha characteristics

Some of the Alpha Generation characteristics include:

generation alpha worldwide
  • It is the youngest generation in the World.
  • It is also the first-gen labeled with the Greek Alphabet.
  • From a political point of view, most Alphas do not have a clear understanding of the events that influence the political decisions of the World. Moreover, events like 9/11 and the Gulf war are relatively new to many of them.
  • Born in 2010, they have witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic that has disrupted the way the World operates.
  • Some of them also witnessed the Arab revolution of the 2010s that led to new regimes in the Arab World.
  • They have access to cutting-edge technology that no other age group before them had access to when they were young.
  • They are born at a time when the field of science and medicine is most advanced.

What is the Alpha Generation known for?

generation alpha lifestyle

Above everything, Alphas comprise the most technologically savvy age group. Born in the 21st century, where technology is the most advanced in the known history of man, they have access to the best technology ever.

Most of them are exposed to this technology at an early age when they are still children. They grow with this technology at their side to augment their lives. No prior age group has exclusive access to the latest technology as the Alpha at such an early age.

The first members of Generation Alpha were born in 2010 when the iPad was launching, and Instagram started. In 2010 the word ‘App’ was the word of the year.

What will the Alpha Generation be like?

First, they will have the most extended lifespan of all age groups alive because they enjoy the best technological advancements in medicine.

They are also a member of an unintentional global experiment where they are exposed to screens at an early age in educational aids and entertainment. Such exposure to screens early in life influences the behavior of this new cohort in ways that are yet to be understood.

Some of the known effects of this include

generation alpha texting
  • Shorter attention spans due to the many distractions.
  • Increased digital literacy as they are exposed to the latest technology at an early age, including video games in education.
  • Another effect of exposure to technology at an early age is impaired social formations. For example, many Alphas will prefer texting or calling instead of meeting physically.

The Alpha gen will be the most educated, according to many commentators. Born in the 21st century, they have easy access to almost all information available to mankind. With a strong internet connection, one can study any subject using the resources that are available online. Many speculate that they will prefer a more engaging and personalized learning regime. They will focus more on getting new skills rather than having degrees in a large field.

After exposure to diversity at an early age, the Alpha gen will be the most diverse.

Many believe that as they enter the workforce, they will have more female and minority leaders. This is because they have been exposed to diversity. To start with a good example, they have witnessed a minority as a president in the United States. Barack Obama was a two-term president around the time they were born.

Alpha Generation meaning

The term Alpha refers to the first letter in the Greek Alphabet. The previous age groups are given names according to the English Alphabet. However, after Generation Z, the naming moved to the Greek Alphabet.

What comes after gen Alpha?

With the naming of generations following the Greek Alphabet, the next generation after the Alpha generation will adopt the second letter of the Greek Alphabet. After the Alpha, we will have the Beta Generation. Members of that cohort will begin being born from the year 2025 onwards. Betas shall share several characteristics with their previous cohort.