7 fun facts about millennials

There are some millennials’ stereotypes. If they are true or not is under discussion. But we won’t go there. Instead, today, we will look into seven of the most interesting facts about millennials.

1. There are several names for millennials, and the term’s definition keeps changing

The term millennial is the most famous among all the names associated with this generation. Other renowned but less popular names include Echo Boomers, Generation Me, and Generation Y, usually shortened to Gen Y. Study has shown millennials have at least 30 other nicknames.

Coupled with this diversity in names is the number of definitions the term ‘millennials’ has. Despite the age, being a millennial also depends on where one is from and their social circles.

2. Millennials are enormous on self-betterment

millennial fitness

Millennials are perhaps the most individualistic generation of all time. However, a study has shown that most millennials spend a lot of time improving themselves and their looks. They also make resolutions to better themselves to a higher degree than other generation.

3. Millennials are more educated than preceding generations

Millennials are the most literate generation. On average, many millennials have had access to education compared to the older generations. They are also more tech-savvy and grew up in a digitalized world.

4. They’re the most studied generation

Compared to other generations, millennials have studied at an average of six percent more than the people born earlier than them.

5. Millennials prefer print

millennial reading

Millennials prefer print even they are the most tech-obsessed. Ironical. Well, millennials prefer reading printed material compared to e-material. In addition, more students prefer reading books and papers instead of word documents and PDF files.

6. Most millennials are not financially independent

The majority of millennials still rely on their parents or guardians for financial assistance. Even though they access more money than other generations, they still depend on the older generation.

7. They’re more politically active

Millennials are the most politically-minded generation so far. This is because the majority of the voters are millennials. Unfortunately, they are also more politically aggressive and are the most polarized lot.

These are not the only facts about millennials. There are a lot more. Do you know some?